Omis, city of pirates

Omis, the town of contrasts, both - natural and historical. It was founded and grown on the steep slopes of Omis Dinara mountain, surrounded by the Cetina River in the north-west, and the sea in the south and south-east. Omis is also known as old pirate town. As excellent seamen, Omis citizens, during 13th - beginning of 15th century, “supervised” navigation on the Adriatic Sea, endangering, generally, Venetian ships and their property in Dalmatia, as well as ships of Naples Kingdom. They were “taking charges” for free navigation. Omis pirates were extremely dangerous, especially under rule of powerful Omis rulers - dukes Kacic. In that time, Omis was known as dangerous nest of the pirates, as they were Saracens on Mediterranean Sea or Tatars on Black Sea.

The most distinctive feature of Omis are the enormous sheets of rock that loom over the town and river.

The statue of Mila Gojsalic

In 1530, as the Turks were encamped in Gata, the people of Poljica, though less in number, defeated their army with the heroic and noble efforts of Mila Gojsalic. Mila sacrificed her life by lighting gunpowder in the Turkish camp, which allowed the people of Poljica to defeat the confused and surprised army. With this act, Mila became a legend of courage, love and sacrifice, not only for the people of Poljica, but also for Croatia. She is remembered much like the Old Testament's Judith and France's Joanne d'Arc. She was perpetuated by many Croatian artists, among them is famous Ivan MeŇ°trovic, whose sculpture decorates the position in Poljica with unforgettable view over town of Omis.
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