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If you ever have the opportunity to look into the eyes of a wolf, you'll realize your not looking into the eyes of just any animal, this one is thinking, with an intelligence you are NOT used to seeing in any animal.

There was a time when close to 700,000 wolves claimed North America as their home. Now the vast majority of surviving wild wolves live in the Canadian wilderness. Canada has more wild wolves than any other country in the world, numbering around 50,000. It was Canadian gray wolves that were transported to Yellowstone National Park, to begin the reintroduction process there. Yellowstone is now a great success story for the wolf, even the park itself has prospered financially due to the hundreds of people flocking to see wolves in their natural habitat.

Unfortunately for the Mexican Gray Wolf, we are not seeing these positive results in other areas of the United States. Many of the wolves that have been reintroduced to the wild have been shot to death. In hopes of keeping better tabs on their whereabouts and health, most wolves now being released are fitted with radio collars.

wolves photos

wolf pictures

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