Exotic Pets

  Patty Turner cheetah with Kira in the room for the cheetah in Indianapolis, Indiana

Amanda Sorgue home in Fort Wayne in Texas with his half-year-male Cougar named Austin 

 Anna Studer and his lioness, nicknamed Shahzara, which means “queen of queens” on the sofa at his home in Tell City, Indiana

 Anna Studer combs his lion in Tell City Shahzara, Indiana

 Cherie Feker and her husband, 41, Denniz look at the protein from the living room of his house with his pet Puma named Maya

 Steve and Cheryl Khan got himself a white tiger named benaglskogo Sessi in their pool in Indiana

45-year-old Victoria Vindland kisses his 4-year-old Siberian tiger Tamm in Summerfield, Florida 

Victoria Vinland hugs Mikko – 5-year-old cougar 

 Camille Christie Barber kiss my white wolf Louise in New England

Gini Valbuena embraces its three chimpanzees Noah, Florida

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