Baby Sharks

Each shark species has its own expected life span and it is difficult to set an average for sharks as a whole. However, very broadly speaking, most sharks live for between 20 and 30 years. The Spiny Dogfish lives for over a century, and some Whale Sharks have been known to do the same.

Unlike most other animals, sharks generally do not care for their young. As soon as pups are born into the water, they swim away and care for themselves. Some sharks give birth to litters of up to 100 babies at a time, while others may have as few as two or three. The Great White Shark gives birth to approximately three to 14 pups at a time. In almost all cases, all of the pups are healthy and well-developed. This is in stark contrast to many other animals (such as several fish species and some turtles), which give birth to large numbers of ill-developed young (in effect, producing quantity over quality). This means that sharks are defined as K-selected reproducers.

Not always predator and pray keeps the same order.

And here is one special shark baby :)

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