Lyrebird, The Amazing Mimic Bird

The Superb lyrebird is one of two species of Lyrebird found in Australia the other being the Albert's lyrebird. Lyrebirds are shy, wary birds. When seen they are normally just a blur as they run and dodge rapidly through the dense forest underbrush. Their wings aid them in running and jumping up into branches and onto rocks etc and then gliding back down again and though they seldom fly they do roost in low trees at night.

The Lyrebirds name comes from the shape of the males tail when displayed which looks like a Lyre (musical harp type instrument) The outer two bigger white and brown feathers appear like the frame and the inner thinner feathers are the strings.

They are magnificent mimicker of other birds and noises. Often in the morning you may think you are surrounded by a multitude of bird species, to find out you have been fooled by a lyrebird. Car noises, chainsaws, dogs and other noises are no problem for this excellent imitator The mimicry, though used in the mating courtship is heard all year round. It is said to be the way the male lyrebird tells others this is his territory, much like the Kookaburras "laugh".
Sir David Attenborough, naturalist and pioneer of the nature documentary, turned 80 last month. To mark the occasion, Britons were asked to choose their favorite Attenborough moment and of all the memorable scenes, his recording of the lyrebird came out on top. In this clip the bird mimics neighboring birds, several cameras, car alarms, and perhaps most impressively, loggers with chainsaws.

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